My favourite childhood books

Hello lovelies!

So I’ve been kind of awful at updating this month, but I have a good reason! I’m wrapping up my first year at university and had deadlines and trips home and lots of other stuff going on. But for a couple of months now I should have a lot of spare time until my work load kicks in so that means I can get creative with my blog posts! I also plan on uploading a lot more reviews so any tips on how to write a really good one, or what you want to see in them, would be greatly appreciated! 

As kind of a welcome back to blogging from my mini hiatus, I figured I would take a look at some of my favourite books and series from my childhood that I can remember! These are also in no particular order, and I also did my best to find images of the editions that I actually owned, just for nostalgia purposes!

1. Matilda by Roald DahlImage result for matilda book cover

I was such a Roald Dahl fan as a kid, you have no idea. My mum got me a box set of some of his more popular books and I think by the time I was done with them, most of them were in tatters. I thought they were great.

The way that this book is so encouraging about children educating themselves and following the things that they love is wonderful. It advocates the idea that children should always challenge, and that they have opinions worth listening to and respecting and just because the adults don’t listen, it’s okay to keep speaking out. Obviously, Matilda’s story has kind of a darker side, that is not portrayed in a dark way but still emphasises the importance of getting out of a toxic family environment, all in a way that is suitable and entertaining for children.

I love this book, the film and the musical, and am just sad I didn’t read it at a younger age. I read it when I was ten (it wasn’t in my box set!). Ten years on I have a tattoo as a little tribute to it!

2. The BFG by Roald DahlImage result for the bfg book

Again, I love Roald Dahl. I think this was actually the first book of his that I read, because the cover was the most appealing. Sophie had glasses, so I thought she looked like me! While this book didn’t have that much of an effect as Matilda did, likely because I was a lot younger when I read it, I still loved it and read it most nights.

One thing I love about this book is not only the touching story, which as usual with Roald Dahl is so appealing to children and the adults that might end up reading, but also because it’s so silly. The language was fun for me to try to pronounce as a little kid, the food was cool, I think I remember something about farts or burping in there? It was just great. And the idea of catching dreams was just so magic to me, I loved it.

Unfortunately haven’t seen the new movie yet though! Apparently it’s a bit of a let down, but perhaps you would recommend it?

3. St. Clare’s and Malory Towers by Enid BlytonImage result for st clare's books

After Winnie the Pooh these were the first audiobooks I ever had, and I wore the tapes out. I also ruined the covers by reading them so much, aImage result for malory towers audio booksnd I remember often falling to sleep with them.

Now I honestly can’t even remember too much what they were about other than the adventures of girls at boarding school, but something about the camaraderie and the mischief that they would get up to was so much fun! It was an escape, just a nice little world full of friendly jokes, lighthearted pranks and midnight feasts that I would have killed to attend. I actually did have a PC game that was based on St Clare’s, and played that to death as well!

4. The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

Would it really be a list of favourite Image result for harry potter bookschildhood books for any book reader if Harry Potter hadn’t somehow made it? (Of course it would, if you don’t like Harry Potter that’s cool! Read what you like!)

I think these were the first books I really read properly. I remember being four and lying in bed trying to avoid reading about the Forbidden Forest because it was too scary. Instead I was bringing the book super close to my face and then far out again to see if I needed glasses. I did, I got them when I was four, so that’s how I know that’s how old I was when I read them!

I wouldn’t really say that this series requires much more explanation than it’s special to me. I grew up with it, I used to pretend to be Hermione, I shared the books with my mum. I think everyone has their own reasons as to why Harry Potter is special to them, and I think that’s so great. But yeah, for sure on my top childhood series!

5. The A Series of Unfortunate Events series by Lemony Snicket

Very topical with the release of the Netflix series Image result for a series of unfortunate events books uk(which I absolutely loved and would really enjoy to hear your thoughts on!), but I would argue that this beats out Harry Potter for my overall top spot simply because I read this because I loved it, not because of any other reason.

I used to pour over these books and be able to quote them. I remember the gradual process of getting to slowly collect the entire series and I think I might aim this year to re-read them all because there was so much in them that I just wasn’t really old enough to understand.

Fun story though, I used to pretend to be Violet because she’s so amazing, and my mum used to work in an office by herself. Next door to her was another office that was totally empty, and I would often go in there an do my own thing. I remember one time when I was off school for teacher training, I found a broken hole punch and spent ages trying to fix it. Eventually I managed it, very badly but I still did it, and stuck a little sticky note on the bottom saying it was from the inventing studio of Violet Baudelaire. I found it a few years later and tried to peel it off, as I was then a super cool teenager who was very embarrassed by my childhood habit of pretending to be characters from books. Even though I did it for years after anyway!

So that’s my little list of books and series that were special to me as a child, and that are most definitely still important to me now! Make sure to leave a comment on what books you enjoyed as a kid, and what you thought about mine!

Happy reading!


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